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Marvel - Silver & Bronze from Into The Realm

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Adventure into Fear #31

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Adventure into Fear with the Man called Morbius..The Living Vampire 'End Of A Vampire!'

Stock picture showing cents copy - our copy is a 9p copy.  December 1975

Cover Art:  Gil Kane.  

Morbius and Stroud find Martine has been turned into a vampire. While they fight her Stroud learns that the vampires are radioactive and Morbius might be the cause. Martine escapes and is chased by Stround and later by Morbius who caries a potential cure for her. A battle ensues between the three until Stroud is able to inject and cure Martine, who is then ravaged by Morbius. She is taken to the hospital where Morbius declares he can never be cured and flees into the night
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